High School Program Planning Guides

These planning guides were designed for high school administrators, counselors, and/or teachers who are looking for ways to provide their students with opportunities for a bright future in photonics—a fascinating, intellectually challenging, and fast-growing technical area. Photonics includes lasers and fiber optics, as well as all other technologies that use light to enhance the quality of life.

Through the Program Planning Guide for High Schools, you will learn in less than 30 minutes what photonics is, the opportunities it offers your students, the requirements for offering this technology in your school, and the assistance you can receive in implementing photonics instruction. The document describes the steps necessary to enhance your school’s current STEM program or implement a new one.

The Photonics Lab Manual for High Schools was written to provide high schools a less expensive option for offering OP-TEC’s Fundamentals of Light and Lasers course. It provides a wide variety of experiments that give students a hands-on approach to learning basic photonics concepts. The labs in this manual are supported by a much less expensive set of equipment than those in the Fundamentals of Light and Lasers textbook. Though the equipment is less expensive, it still allows students to investigate the same physical concepts as those in the textbook.

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